The Other Scoby - Jun

Jun Scoby looks like Kombucha Scoby and even brews like Kombucha but its not Kombucha Scoby!!

There is one marked difference though. Jun Scoby feeds exclusively on Honey! I managed to get a Jun Scoby shipped all the way from US via the Happy Herbalist. Did the brewing with green tea but the final brew turned out to be quite disappointing; no bubbles, no new layer of Scoby and the drink was flat.

In short, I failed. It turned out that the honey that I was using was not pure enough (bought from Giant hypermart). By the time I used real organic Acasia honey it was too late, the Scoby had failed to function.  Disappointed, an idea cropped into my head.  Why don’t I try to train my kombucha Scoby to “feed” on honey?

Off I went to brew with the same procedure, replacing sugar with honey with kombucha Scoby.  Fast forward two weeks into the future all I got was another failed brew, proving once and for all that kombucha Scoby and honey does not mix.

After that incident I stopped brewing Jun; partly because it is very expensive to buy pure honey for brewing and also to maintain the culture. Also, the benefits from Jun is pretty much similar to Kombucha. Having said that, maybe one day in the near future I will brew Jun again, provided my dreams of owning a small apiary comes true J


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