My Scoby is Thicker than Yours

The importance of a thick and healthy Scoby

At the end of the first week of my kombucha workshops I always see the glow of pride and satisfaction when a participant successfully brews their first kombucha brew and officially becomes a Kombucha mummy and daddy with the “birth” of a new “Scoby”.
Is it important to obtain a thick “baby” Scoby at the end of each brew?
You bet it does!
A thick baby Scoby after a 10 day ferment measures around 1cm – 2cm in thickness. It is a clear visual indication that the bacteria in the ferment are healthy, active and in sync with the yeast and will continue to produce a healthy batch of kombucha in the future. 

a very thick Scoby
A Scoby is a network of bacterial cellulose that houses the active bacteria and yeast. Naturally the highest concentration of active bacteria and yeast is located in a new Scoby. That is why when you use a fresh virgin Scoby (Read article on virgin scoby) to ferment, it has the highest chance of brewing success.
As the same Scoby is…

Are Health Trends Cyclical?

I had the pleasure to share my knowledge with Ryuji, who was writing an article at Taylor's university on the topic of kombucha. It was indeed a learning experience for both of us.  
I was pleasantly surprised to learn that the kombucha revolution is also making a comeback in Japan and goes by the name of koucha-kinoko
Below is his published article. Happy reading!


“Ihopemoreandmorepeople adoptkombuchaespeciallycurrent generation",saidBoon,  the founderofakombuchashop,Scoby FarmHomemade Kombuchain Malaysia.