Trying Kombucha for the first time? Two things you will need to know!

You have heard about kombucha from your friends or maybe read about it in the internet. Now you are all eager to give it a try to see if the drink is as good as advertised.

Before you take your first maiden sip, I will like to share with you two useful observations that clearly shows that kombucha is a living cultured drink.

Observation 1: RawUnpasteurised Kombucha
Usually when u purchase a bottle of kombucha off-shelf you might encounter the phrase raw kombucha on the label.

Raw kombucha is basically kombucha that is harvested fresh from the brewing vessel without undergoing any process to halt the bacterial and yeast activity.

A clear indicator if a kombucha is raw is the formation of thin strands in the drink itself. These strands are the formation of bacterial fibre in the drink.

I like my kombucha raw because it is full with the benefits of live good bacterial activity and yes the microbial fiber is edible without any side effects; which bring us to the next piece of sharing, sediments in Kombucha.

Observation 2: Sediments in the drink
In every bottle of Raw kombucha, there will always be some sediments at the bottom of the drink.  Since the yeast activity is still active in the drink, eventually some will die off and start to accumulate.

These accumulation results in the “sediments” that you will see at the base of the drink and it is also nothing to worry about as it is also pretty harmless if it is ingested. If you don't fancy taking in these sediments, just filter it off with a strainer.

Accumulation of dead yeast/sediments

Do you like your kombucha raw or you prefer it pasteurised before consumption?
Share your thoughts in the comments below or email your thoughts to us. 
I would love to hear from you!


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