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Worried mom wants to try kombucha for son with eczema

I received this a while email a few weeks ago from Miss Farzana which I think is worth sharing (with her permission of course).

Dear Boon,
I am eagerly interested to try kombucha on my son who has eczema since he was born. He's now 5 and i've been reading about probiotics foods and came across kombucha but I amnot sure if there are parents in Malaysia who takes kombucha to treat their kids with skin problems.
My question is why is it called kombucha tea?does it taste similar to tea?my son loves tea so i thought if kombucha tea could become a substitute for his usual tea,plus the probiotics benefits that comes with it..i'd be a happy mom at this point,i am looking into fixing his gut lining in d im starting with some probiotics packed foods. Thanks!

Dear Farzana,
With regards to your questions, it is a yes. Parents had approached me before about the consumption of kombucha to.cure eczema.
My answer is this. Kombucha is never a cure for any type of illness. Having sai…