Kombucha the miracle cure for diabetes and eczema??

I get this question a lot when I meet people who are embarking on their first experience to brew kombucha.

Does kombucha cure diabetes? Kombucha is fermented tea. Through the process of fermentation, most of the sugar in the tea will be converted into organic acid. However, there is still some amount of sugar in kombucha.

There is a line of thought suggesting that  over-brewed kombucha with very low sugar level might assist in diabetes due to the fact that the good bacterias in kombucha will help diabetes patient digest excessive sugar. In my humble opinion this is rather a weak argument and it is definitely best to consult a physician if a diabetes patient wants to consume kombucha.

What about eczema?

A mother approached me about the topic of eczema and kombucha and how she plans to brew kombucha to cure eczema for his child. It got me all interested on that topic. My first finding was a published article by the University of Maryland; the findings are rather on the fence;

The full article is available from:  http://umm.edu/health/medical/altmed/condition/eczema

Other articles offer a more positive outlook on the use of probiotics to cure eczema. As it turns out not all of the bacteria in probiotics drink can reduce symptoms of eczema.

A specific strain of Lactobasilus known as Lactobasilus planatrum is the bacteria responsible to reduce eczema. This strain of bacteria doesn’t necessarily cure Eczema but works to more to reduce the severity of eczema symptom (NYU Langone Medical Center).

Lactobasilus planarum is one of the many good bacteria reported in kombucha. However do bear in mind the quantity of bacteria and the specific type might very from batch to batch of kombucha making the results inconsistent. Thus very much like the case with diabetes, kombucha does not directly cure eczema but it may reduce the symptoms provided Lactobasilus planarum is available in abundance in a particular batch. 

I am definitely going to send my brew to a lab to test the strains of bacteria in my kombucha on of this days. 


  1. Thank you for all the sharing

  2. Hi! I think its great that you're sharing all this information! I'm from Malaysia too and wish to brew my own kombucha but have no idea where I can get a scoby starter. Any pointers? :)

  3. Kombucha keeps our blood sugar levels within a normal range. If we use a more sour tea, kombucha may help by moderating fluctuations in blood sugar. For skin care, you can apply kombucha locally instead of drinking it. When it is applied to the skin it acts as an astringent and balances oily skin.
    Wraps of kombucha tea help with eczema.

    Source: Healthy Kombucha


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