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Mummy Scoby -- Part 1

I am always perplexed on what will happen when the process of dehydration happens to a kombucha Scoby.  In short I tried to mummify a Scoby and see whether it can come back to life.
So I went ahead and  I dried a fresh healthy kombucha Scoby in a food dehydrator for 9 days. 
To get a clearer picture I compared a fresh Scoby side by side with a dried Scoby. The one on my i right is a fresh Scoby while the one on my left is a dried kombucha Scoby.

A closer look at the two kombucha Scoby
Dried Kombucha Scoby
(Side Note: One interesting literature I read about kombucha stated that there were attempts to actually use dried kombucha Scoby as an alternative to fabric. Imagine wearing a tshirt made from Scoby!)
Fresh Kombucha Scoby 
Next, I created a fresh batch of sugar tea and inserted the dry Scoby and left it to brew for 7 days. The results? I will share it in my next post.