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World War G!

Yes world war G is happening now and is affecting everyone alive in this planet! In case you were wondering; G stands for Gut.
Inside each of us, billions of microorganisms survive in our gut. And most of them help us to break down leftover food, protects us from their bad relatives and some even has the ability to create vitamins for our bodies.
This environment is fragile though; modern living is like a black plague to the good bacteria. Overdose of antibiotics, stress of living, consumption of processed foods wipe out a good number of good bacteria in our bodies allowing

All is not lost though. We can replenish their numbers by consuming good bacteria on a daily basis. This is where probiotic food such as kombucha, kefir, yogurt comes to into play. By consuming food full of good bacteria, balance is restored into our system.

Rediscovering the ancient drink called Kombucha

I came across kombucha more than 3 years ago, A gooey mixture floating in a jar, very much like a scientific experiment gone awfully wrong.

"Do you want to try a cup?". I can still recall my cousin offering me this drink for the first time. Without thinking twice, I just said, hell ya!. The first gulp of the cider-like drink has this burning sensation on the throat.

So that was how I got involved with kombucha brewing. Kombucha being a fermented drink has a lot of health benefits and equally as many outrageous claims. I am pretty surprised that this ancient drink is almost unknown to most young Malaysians.

Thus this blog is dedicated to share my experience in kombucha brewing and hopefully it catches on :) .