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Kombucha Clinic

2 weeks ago I was invited to conduct a clinic on kombucha by a wellness group. It was a totally different experience altogether compared to the usual one on one coaching.
The leader of the Wellness group, Mei was kind enough to offer her place to conduct the clinic. Some of the ladies already had experience with Scoby fermentation with Kefir while others were totally new to the experience.

So I started off by showing the “pancake” aka Scoby and what it does to the sugar tea. Naturally most of them were worried when they saw the amount of sugar needed to brew and I assured them that the sugar was food for the bacteria.
I took them through the step by step process to start the brew, talked about the importance of sanitation and ventilation and common mistakes made by novices. The Wellness group was anything but boring and there were so many colourful comments on the brewing process and kombucha. Case in point, there was a question on “the floating bulu” in the brew which really caught …