Interview with a fellow Kombucha Enthusiast

2 weeks ago I had the chance to interview Mr Jamil at Mcdonalds Kota Damansara. He is a keen enthusiast for kombucha and had been consuming this drink since the year 2000.

Me:           How did you get to know about kombucha?

Mr Jamil: It was back in 2000. My wife was diagnosed with cancer at 3 areas. The doctor did not give her much chance for recovery and recommended chemotherapy. I decided against chemotherapy after reading about the stress and how it affects the body. 

Me:           So what did you do next?

Jamil:       I decided to send her for traditional therapy. It is there that I learned about kombucha       because the healer incorporated kombucha as part of the healing regime. Fast forward 2 years in the future, a follow up to the doctor revealed that the cancer is now under control. I am not saying kombucha is the cure, but it was a part of the traditional therapy. Seeing how it helped my wife, I also started to consume kombucha.

Me:           How much did you drink?

Jamil:        I started consuming 150ml once a day. As time goes by I increased the intake to 3 times a day. My son loves the drink also and affectionately calls it "smelly drink".

Me:           Did kombucha affect you positively in any way?

Jamil:        Absolutely. It reduced my sinus problems and I feel refreshed after each drink. The healer who treated my wife told me it works against gout also. But i cant be sure about that because I dont suffer from gout. Haha.

Me:            Thanks for sharing your experience with kombucha with me. Any parting thoughts?

Jamil:         My pleasure. I hope more people rediscover this ancient drink. Its easy to make and is positive to our well-being.

Mr Jamil


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