Virgin SCOBYs

There are Mother Scobys and there are virgin Scobys. What is the difference you ask?

Mother Scobys are scobys that had been used at least once to brew kombucha while virgin Scobys are well, virgin in terms of kombucha brewing.

Virgin Scoby will form when u brew kombucha using a Mother Scoby. It is the thin layer that slowly thickens until it forms a perfectly fresh layer of Scoby on top of the brew.

The importance of virgin Scoby cannot be understated. Like every other living things, Scoby do age. After the sixth or seventh brew of with a Mother Scoby, the batch of kombucha made will start to taste flat. That means it is time to retire the Mother Scoby and start to brew using virgin scobies instead. 

What does one do with a retired scoby? I usually return it to the soil in my garden. Some even feed their pets with retired Scobies. 

So do remember to store your virgin Scobies as back up for each and every brew.


  1. Six or seven! Thanks! This figure helps a lot in managing the brew batches.

    Would a virgin scoby be sufficient to sustain a new brew all on its own?

  2. Hi Winnie, like any living beings, i cannot stick a number to the number of times a mother SCOBY can brew until it slows down, the general figure is anywhere from 6 to even 9 batches.

    Virgin SCOBY is the best SCOBY to use to start and sustain a new brew. :)


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