Field Day at KLPAC

A month ago I was invited to be part of Environment Day sponsored by Yayasan Sime Darby at KLPAC. Being a staunch Green advocate I jumped at the opportunity to showcase how my brewing method is Earth friendly.
Setting up a booth was surprisingly challenging.  Luckily I had wifey’s support to prop up the booth.  ( You can view the complete album at our fb pg here)
We managed to set up a flow chart on the “circle of sustainability” detailing sustainable ways to brew kombucha.

Our humble booth

"Circle of Sustainability"

A brief elaboration on the key points on brewing sustainability  were presented to all visitors to our booth. Since we did not have any video presentation, the points below were repeated numerous times.
Point number 1
All of our drinks are only infused with locally produced fruits. It helps our local farmers and greatly minimizes the foot carbon foot print and it is way fresher too.
Point number 2
Used fruits and tea leaves are pre composted and then fed to compost worms to produce vermi-compost which goes back to the soil.

Explaining the brewing process to students.

Our worms were quite a hit with the students

Our booth was situated beside Grub cycle, a start-up that sells soon-to expire products at a deeply discounted price with an aim to reduce food wastage. The idea is simply brilliant, reducing wastage and addressing the food issue at the same time! You can purchase their product here.
Just opposite us was the booth by Sime Darby Plantation with their icon of sustainability; the barn owl aka Rodent Banshee. I was told by the staff of Sime Darby that Barn Owls are the ultimate rodent hunting machine and their presence had greatly helped to reduce the usage of toxic poisonous baits in plantations.

This cuddly fella is a lean mean rodent hunting machine @RodentBanshee
All and all it was a nice day out at KLPAC to celebrate and educate the public on sustainability. We also enjoyed making connections with like minded people. Thank you Yayasan Sime Darby for organizing!
Towards the end, I was interviewed by a communications student of Taylors on the trends and future of kombucha; however that will be another story. I think the article should be published by now. Email me if you want to know more about the interview :) .


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